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A Substitute Home

Fixing Problems

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Living in a trailer while on a camping trip is fun.  It's another story when you end up living in a trailer for months or even years because you lost your home in a disaster. This is what has happened to survivors of the Slater Fire.

Most of the Happy Camp families who lost their homes during the Slater Fire, were either uninsured or underinsured for the replacement cost of their dwellings.  With little to no money, the options for the survivors as they began to figure out where they were going to live, were dismal.  Then our partner the Karuk Tribe stepped forward.  Purchasing 94, 31-foot trailers, gave people someplace to stay until they could eventually move into a permanent structure again.     

In addition to the trailers that were purchased by the Karuk Tribe, there were individuals who loaned or gave survivors a used trailer.  Not designed to be lived in full-time the trailers have taken a beating.  RISE was happy to collaborate with our partners to provide free Trailer Repair services, which was another huge relief for the survivors. 

Based on the needs during future disasters, the Trailer Repair Program may once again be made available to survivors living in trailers.

"This trailer has been a God send because we have a place to stay at night.  I'm sure everyone who lost their home in this community feels the same way."  - Slater Fire Survivors Rob and Patti White

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