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A New Beginning

Laying a Foundation

Our Beginning

On September 8, 2020, the Slater Fire tore through our small community of Happy Camp, California, leaving behind an unimaginable reality of destruction, heartache and despair. In the weeks and months that followed the hard working and generous people we know and love, came together to help the community RISE up from the ashes, and ultimately navigate a path forward.  

RISE continues to work in collaboration with many of the individuals and organizations that truly made a difference in the immediate aftermath of this devastating wildfire.  We are honored to call them and many others who have joined us on this journey our partners.  The supportive spirit of our beloved community is alive and well and we will continue to build a stronger future together.

Our Mission

The Rise Collaborative unites Community Partners in a collective effort to expand capacity, protect our people, property, infrastructure and way of life. 

Our Vision

To be a leader for collaborative action in providing resources to support the cycle of resilience.

Our Motivation

Our dedication to strengthening our community and its people is what keeps us pushing forward.  Fulfilling the actions that our name represents - Resilience, Inclusion, Support and Education.  These actions make Happy Camp Strong!

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No Where to Go But Up

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