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RISE Working Groups

The RISE Working Groups were created to develop projects that will benefit Happy Camp residents.  One of these lifesaving projects is implementing long-term community resilience, which will better prepare Happy Camp to respond and recover from future disasters.  Because of collaborative efforts the Working Group members accomplish more, utilizing their collective knowledge and experience.  This approach also reduces duplication of efforts and funding.  Below is more information about our five Working Groups.

Emergency Preparedness

Community Engagement

In order to meet the needs of our community, RISE relies on the input  from people in Happy Camp.   Our Community Engagement efforts are what connect us.  Below are some examples of current or upcoming activities.

1. Homes 4 Happy Camp Workshops

2. ReCover CA Presentations and        Case Management


3.Siskiyou County ADU Plans Community Workshops

4. Rural Families' Experiences Wildfire Recovery

5. Cal Poly Wildfire Recovery Project

Emergency Preparedness

Ensuring our community is better prepared for future disasters or emergencies is a top priority for RISE.  We are working in collaboration with our partners to ensure we are not caught unprepared.  Below are some of our current and upcoming efforts.

1. HC Community Resilience & Emergency Operations Center Project

2. Ingress/Egress Routes

3. CERT Certification

Funding and Finance

RISE is always working with our partners to find and apply for grants that will allow us to bring to Happy Camp the programs and services that will improve people's lives and make our community safer.  Below are some examples of current of upcoming grants.

1. Prepare CA Jumpstart Grant

2. Upstate Creative Corps Grant

3. Community Research Grant

Natural Resources

Housing and Construction

Housing was a problem in Happy Camp even before the Slater Fire.  With so many people who had no insurance or they were underinsured the situation is worse.  RISE is working hard to help find solutions.  Below are some examples of current or upcoming efforts.

1. Hope Crisis Recovery Network        Rebuilds

2. ReCover CA Program Assistance


3. Siskiyou County ADU Plan Sets

Natural Resources and
Fuels Mitigation

Reducing the fire risk to your home and property requires on-going efforts.  RISE encourages the residents of Happy Camp to take Home Hardening and Defensible Space seriously.  Below are some examples of current and upcoming efforts. 

1. Biomass Feasibility Study (RFP)

2. FIREWISE Designations


3.Home Hardening and Defensible Space

4. Happy Camp Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Coming Soon

RISE is always exploring new opportunities to bring to Happy Camp the services and programs that will benefit the residents every day and during a disaster or declared emergency.


Ideas Always Welcome

If you would be interested in joining one of our Working Groups, we are always looking for individuals wanting to volunteer and share their ideas, talents and enthusiasm to help strengthen our community.

Interested in joining a Working Group?

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Building Together

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