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Navigating the Recovery Process


When you were a child, you were taught to raise your hand when you had a question.  Disaster Survivors find themselves doing this a lot.  There are plenty of reasons they need to be noticed as they search for concrete answers to the seemingly endless questions on how to get through the obstacle course a disaster creates.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have one person to direct all those questions to?  Well, there is. 

RISE, as well as other non-profit organizations, can add to their staff following a major disaster, a Disaster Case Manager.  They are like an encyclopedia on how to get help and recover from a disaster.

What can a Disaster Case Manager do for me?

A Disaster Case Manager plays a crucial role in assisting individuals and communities affected by disasters.  Their goal is to assess and address survivors’ unmet needs through a comprehensive recovery plan. Here are the key roles they play.

  1. Collaboration and Support

    • A Disaster Case Manager collaborates with disaster survivors to develop a disaster recovery plan.

    • They serve as the primary point of contact, helping coordinate necessary services and resources.

    • Their goal is to address the complex disaster recovery needs of the client and support them in re-establishing normalcy.

  2. Unmet Needs Assessment

    • Disaster Case Managers work closely with survivors to identify unmet needs resulting from the disaster.

    • These unmet needs could include housing, medical care, emotional support, financial assistance and more.

  3. Resource Facilitation

    • Disaster Case Managers facilitate access to appropriate community resources that align with the recovery plan.

    • By connecting survivors with available services, they help meet immediate and long-term needs.


Disaster Case Management is time-limited program.  Funding and support for the program is most often funded by FEMA as a federal award or cooperative agreement to state, local, tribal or territorial governments. 

gloria Zink.jpg

Meet Gloria Zink, RISE's Disaster Case Manager.  She has a wealth of knowledge that will help no matter what stage of the recovery process you are in.   Even though the Slater Fire was in September 2020, people are still searching for answers.  Stop looking and reach out to our expert.

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